21 Best Tan Accelerator For Outdoor Tanning

Best Tan Accelerator For Outdoor Tanning

No matter if you’re planning a trip to a hot destination or the summer is just around the corner, getting some tan is on your bucket list. Having a gorgeous summer tan will not only make you feel more confident but will also give your skin that sexy, Hollywood glow. Tanning accelerators make it easier than ever for you to achieve the desired chocolate brown colorfast. Which is the best tan accelerator for outdoor tanning?

What Are Tanning Accelerators?

When you’re looking for the best oil for outdoor tanning, take a look at the label. It is easier to tan with certain ingredients.

Tanning accelerators may contain melanin and L-tyrosine, an amino acid that is a building block of melanin

You may also find bronzers that give you instant color. Bronzers can wash off in the shower. Others, such as DHA, continue to darken your skin color over the next few hours after you apply them.

Some lotions contain benzyl or methyl nicotinate. Blood flows to the surface of the skin, causing a feeling of heat or tingling.

Lastly, tanning accelerators will protect your skin by providing moisturizers and nutrients. They aim to counteract the negative effects of sunbathing, wind, saltwater, and dry air.

How Should Outdoor Tan Accelerator Be Used?

It is usually used before exposing your skin to the sun. However, you can also use a tan accelerator after tanning. You can apply the product after tanning if you want a long-lasting tan. The results will be locked. Also, you can use After Tanning Lotion.

Additionally, some tan accelerators should be used daily for at least two weeks before a sunny holiday. In this way, you can take full advantage of the hot sun.

Best Tan Accelerator for Outdoor Tanning in 2021

1)  Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator

australian gold dark tanning accelerator

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Australian Gold produces tanning products and sunscreens. They use Australian ingredients like Kakadu plum and tea tree oil.

Using this tanning accelerator, you can develop natural colors on your own. There are no bronzers in it.

To prevent premature aging caused by sun damage, it contains antioxidants such as vitamins A and E. Additionally, it has natural oils to keep the skin comfortable and moisturized.

Cocoa Dreams is their signature scent. It smells like an orange creamsicle with a hint of coconut.

Reviewers say this tanning accelerator helps them achieve a natural tan faster than they could achieve without lotion. After the first application, most people see results.

2)  Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator with Bronzer

best tan accelerator for outdoor tanning

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Using a tanning accelerator with bronzer will deepen your color more than sun exposure alone. Though you must apply it evenly to prevent streaks, it shouldn’t turn you orange. Instead, it will conceal your pale winter skin and make you swimsuit-ready.

3)  Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil

Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil

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Hawaiian Tropic’s Dark Tanning Oil has a delicious coconut fragrance and a blend of exotic botanicals.

Despite the sun’s rays, superior moisturizers and emollients protect your skin from dehydration. Coconut oil, cocoa seed butter, and mineral oil are in the formula.

At the same time, aloe vera prevents irritation, while anti-aging ingredients like mango and papaya delay premature aging.

Furthermore, this dark tan is reef-safe and won’t harm marine life in the ocean, lakes, or rivers.

4)  Australian Gold Bronzing Intensifier Dry Oil Spray

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Those who enjoy the shimmer of well-oiled skin may enjoy this bronzing oil. To speed up outdoor tanning, it intensifies the sun’s rays.

The oil is derived from natural carrots and walnut oils. Once applied, walnut and caramel provide a sun-kissed glow. Afterward, carrots and tea tree oil will maximize every moment in the sun.

Aloe and banana will keep the skin soft and supple. Cocoa Dreams is a blend of vanilla, orange, and coconut.

5)  Australian Gold Gelee Dark Tanning Accelerator

Australian Gold Gelee Dark Tanning Accelerator

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This gel tanning accelerator won’t leave you feeling greasy. There is no mineral oil or bronzer in this product. With hemp seed, it absorbs quickly while moisturizing.

Tanners can use it both indoors and outdoors. Cocoa Dreams aroma prevents the burned odor after tanning in a tanning bed.

6)  All Natural Dark Tanning Oil by Tropical Sands

All Natural Dark Tanning Oil by Tropical Sands

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Another reef-safe product that won’t harm corals or fish. It is safe to use this natural tanning oil in sunbeds since it does not contain mineral oil. Additionally, it is biodegradable.

This product contains lightweight skin conditioners like cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil. Vitamins C and E present in this deep dark tan defend against free radicals that cause wrinkles.

7)  Mercola: Natural Tanning Oil

Mercola Natural Tanning Oil

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Dr. Mercola’s tanning oil is free of irritants and toxins found in other commercial products. In small doses, parabens and other problematic ingredients aren’t necessarily harmful. However, they are present in many skincare solutions. You can multiply your dose over a day if you use several products with them. It wouldn’t hurt to cut them out wherever you can.

As well as being paraben-free, this oil is biodegradable, waterproof, and hypoallergenic. Nine organic ingredients are included, such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, tea tree oil extract, and eucalyptus.

8)  Sun Bum Browning Lotion

best tan accelerator for outdoor tanning

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Browning lotion is what? Depending on the brand, it may contain a cosmetic bronzer.

The instant color in this case is added by combining a coffee extract with caramel. Bronzer will wash off in the water, but it will make you look like a sun god at first.

Best tan accelerator for outdoor tanning also, it smells like tropical coffee. In the meantime, it hydrates with argan, marula, and coconut oil. Carrot seed oil speeds up melanin production and gets you darker faster.

It is important to let the lotion absorb completely before dressing or lying down on the towel. If not, it may stain.

9)  Pro Tan Radically Hemp Ultra Powerful 10X Dark Tanning Gelee Accelerator

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10X dark tanning gelee accelerator. Herbal HempnotiQ Bronzing Blend will give your paranoid friends double vision as they examine your super bronzed body.

Our Primo Blend contains 10x Dark Accelerators for instant epidermis penetration, smoother skin, and longer-lasting color. We added exotic botanicals, essential skin nutrients, and nature’s pure skin conditioner, Aloe Vera.

10)  Maui Babe Browning Lotion

 tan accelerator for outdoor tanning


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Maui Babe is one of the original browning lotions in Hawaii. The product is based on light mineral oil, so it’s not suitable for indoor tanning. (However, there is a version for tanning beds that includes sunflower oil).

It deepens the tan of fair-skinned tourists in record time. To be safe, they recommend applying sunscreen first, then the browning lotion. If it doesn’t, it’s likely to give you a nasty sunburn.

Instant bronzing is derived from Kona coffee plant extract and potassium iodide. Kukui nut oil, aloe, and antioxidants provide rich skin conditioning.

11)  Maui Island Secret Browning Formula with Kukui Nut Oil

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Maui Island’s formula absorbs quickly so you won’t feel greasy. You won’t change the color of your skin. It will nourish and protect it with Kukui nut oil, Maui coffee bean extract, green tea extract, and macadamia nut oil, plus vitamins.

12)  Dark Tanning Intensifier Lotion by Ocean Potion

Dark Tanning

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Drugstore tanning accelerators can also be used outside and in tanning beds. It’s considerably less expensive than many other options on the market.

The product contains tea tree oil, aloe, and vitamins to minimize sun damage. The scent has been compared to Fruity Pebbles.

13)  Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Tanning Butter

best outdoor tannong

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Check out this tan accelerator with a hypoallergenic formula if you have sensitive skin. Shea butter and nutrients are used instead of harsh ingredients.

Though it doesn’t contain bronzer, it is packed with anti-aging benefits. Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6 and Body Fit are proven ingredients that reduce wrinkles.

Additionally, it prevents the after-tan odor while keeping tattoo ink bright.

14)  Hempz Hypoallergenic Dark Tan Maximizer

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Unique to this product is the use of 100% pure natural hemp seed oil as its main ingredient. You will hydrate and moisturize your skin while maximizing your tan. It contains natural tan enhancers that will give your skin a naturally dark complexion instead of a fake one. The formula is non-greasy and easily absorbed by the skin.

15)  The Fox Tan Originals Pack | Natural Tanning Lotion & Accelerator

The Fox Tan Originals Pack | Natural Tanning Lotion & Accelerator

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This kit can help you make the most of every moment you plan to tan if you know ahead of time when you will tan. The product contains an elixir to prepare the skin and mist to increase tan. The product was developed by an Australian company in Melbourne, where bright sunshine is the norm.

Elixir acts as a daily moisturizer. To help you get a base tan ahead of time, it kickstarts melanin production. It contains natural ingredients such as aloe, almond oil, and cocoa butter. Then, on the day of your tan, spray generously with the mist. It’s the tanning intensifier.

16)  Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

accelerator for outdoor tanning

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Coconut Kisses is one of the best-selling tanning lotions ever. For tanning enthusiasts, it offers several important benefits. It can be used both indoors and outdoors You can ask anyone who wears it and works outdoors.

Melanin is increased with the Quad Tyrosine Blend, Nouritan, and Melano Bronze. The product does not contain bronzers. Therefore, the tan you develop is uniquely yours.

Additionally, it protects tattoos and keeps them vibrant. Coconut milk and cocoa butter are rich moisturizers that contribute to the effectiveness of this product. Its coconut fragrance comes from these ingredients and is the best tan accelerator for outdoor tanning.

Finally, it has the trademarked Body Fit formula that makes cellulite fade while firming the skin. It’s also good for stretch marks.

17)  Ed Hardy #Beachtime

tan accelerator for outdoor

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Another tan accelerator without bronzer. Sometimes people with tattoos avoid bronzer because it can make their ink look muddy.

With hibiscus, passionfruit, and coconut oil, Beachtime naturally darkens the skin. It improves elasticity and texture by using seaweed and vitamins.

Additionally, it protects tattoos from fading.

18)  Ed Hardy Peace & Harmony Tanning Intensifier Bronzing Moisturizer Lotion

best tan accelerator for outdoor tanning

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With its dark tanning activators, it will give you a sun-kissed glow once you step out of the tanning bed. MelanoBronze stimulates the production of melanin for a darker complexion that will last for a long time. In addition, wheat proteins can tighten and firm the skin, making them ideal for anti-aging. Cotton and rice extracts are also included to make the skin smoother without irritating the best tan accelerator for outdoor tanning.

19)  Tanovations SUN DAY FUN DAY Indoor/Outdoor Tanning Cocktail

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Get a tanning lotion that you can use indoors or outdoors depending on your mood? This one has dark tanning activators that boost melanin production in the skin, getting you dark as soon as possible.

The lotion has an appealing creamy texture that melts into the skin like butter.

It contains cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil, but it isn’t greasy. Coconut is the subtle scent

20)  Somewhere on a Beach, Indoor-Outdoor, Instant Dark Tanning Lotion

best tan accelerator for outdoor tanning

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You can try this tan accelerator with bronzer if you want to look like you already have a tan. It doesn’t contain DHA, so it doesn’t have that self-tanner smell. Tropical Tantini is the name of the aroma.

Coconut and walnut oils nourish the skin, and Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6 reduces fine lines.

Is it really true that tanning lotions reduce wrinkles and lines? UV radiation damages collagen and elastin, resulting in premature aging. Antioxidants and moisturizers counteract this effect.

21)  Australian Gold Spray Gel Sunscreen with Instant Bronzer SPF 15

australian gold dark tanning accelerator

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With a higher SPF, you can stay out in the sun longer. Radiation that is most damaging is filtered out. Ask anyone who wears it and works outdoors. You will still tan, just not as quickly. Additionally, you won’t burn.

With its caramel bronzer, this spray is quick to apply and provides the immediate color. After rubbing it in, be sure to wipe your hands. The device is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

How to Use a Tan Accelerator Lotion

We will give you some tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of tan accelerator lotions before we end this post:

  • Test out any product in a small area first before using it. You should stop using the lotion if it shows signs of irritation.
  • Take supplements that contain vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin. Vitamins C, D, and E are essential. Copper supplements are also known to improve tanning results.
  • Some accelerators have SPF, but others do not. Don’t forget to apply sun protection as well to protect your skin from UV rays.
  • You should start slowly. Whether you are tanning indoors or outdoors, remember that less is more. Long-term exposure can irritate the skin and cause more harm than good.

Final Words For Best Tan Accelerator For Outdoor Tanning

Tan accelerator will give you the fastest bronze you’ve ever had. You can use it even if you have pale skin.

It is important to remember that tanning outdoors can have unpredictable effects. Wear sunscreen and tanning lotion to prevent sunburn. You can then enjoy the sunshine longer.