The 7 Skin Method & Toner: How To Apply in 4 Best Steps For Dehydrated Skin

7 skin method

7 skin method comes from Korea. It’s called K-Beauty or Korean Beauty. When I found it about the 7 skin method, I test it, and I tell you all about this.

It becomes famous around 2016 in South Korea after that migrate to the U.S and other European counties. The method includes putting on seven layers of hydrating toner before moving on with the rest of your routine. 

Does the 7 skin method work?

When you implement a ton of skincare products on your skin, sometimes the products absorb your skin. The Toner layering method provides for your skin to absorb one thin layer of the hydrating toner so that, sequentially, more of the product is absorbed. 

Doing this seven times the skin is becoming an increased and healthy amount of hydrating ingredients after that your skin just got a facial glow. If you do this seven-skin method consistently, your skin ends up looking better and better and glowing. If you want pale skin to click on it.

 Each skin type can benefit from hydration. Possibly dry skin is the most obvious. Dry, dehydrated skin is effectively screaming for moisture. As for oily skin, everybody knows that when your skin gets dry, it can react with more oil production, so your uptick in oiliness may very properly be a response to dryness. 

How to apply the 7 skin method?

Step 1): Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser as you usually would. 

Step 2): Let your skin air dry and when it’s only slightly moist, then apply the first layer of toner using your hands or cotton pad. Pat the toner into your skin on your neck and face. Let it absorb. For better results, implement toner starting from the inside of your face to your nose and sweep smoothly outward and upward, targeting the dry area of your face. 

Step 3): For layers 2-7 you don’t require a cotton pad. Pour a dime-size amount of toner into the palms of your hands and press the toner into the skin. Wait for your skin to absorb. 

Step 4): if you discover that your skin is hydrated and moisturized enough after the 7th layer of toner, you’ll leave it at that. If you discover that your skin can enjoy a light-weight layer of moisturizer, you’ll also apply a skinny layer of moisturizer after the 7-skin method.

In the start, you can be applying 3 layers of toner and see how your skin reacts to it. If your skin is agreeing with this method, then you can work yours to 7 layers.

 The idea for this technique is to help your skin drink in the product. Some do the three or five-skin method every other day and some do the seven-skin method weekly.

Most Common Mistakes Then You Apply The 7-Skin Method

  • Not selecting the right product for your skin.
  • Overdoing it.
  • Not sure the product absorbs sufficiently within layers.
  • Rubbing too aggressively.
  •  Only using toner rather of an essence.
  • Ignoring the eye area.
  • Skipping out on exfoliation.


The seven skin method is such an easy way to give yourself a hydration boost it entails is wasting time on that toning step before sealing in the moisture. Its method work. Building the perfect skincare routine is all about testing to find the most suitable product combinations for your skin. Whether it’s the 5-skin method or the 7-skin method with a mixture of the toner also the essence, customization is important.