13 Best Body Wash For Spray Tan Before & After Tan

best body wash for spray tan

In the shower, before your spray tan date you pull out your body wash, and you think ” is this the best body wash before my spray tan?”

Good question! It is indeed important to know how you use to wash your body before and after the spray tanning.

What To Wash With Before Your Spray Tan

The most important aspect of cleansing your body before the spray tan application is to wash away all cosmetic product residue off your skin. Lotion, perfume, deodorant, body spray, etc. These products can create a barrier between your body and spray tanning solution.

We’re after fresh, dry skin that doesn’t get out of your sunless tan getting soaked uniformly. Gentle exfoliation is fantastic with a loofah, or an exfoliating towel, as well as a mild body, wash.

Before applying your spray tan you need to wash your body with a clear and clean, not extra moisturizing formulation as it can coat the skin. A lot of shower products include wax, oil, and moisturizers that cover your skin but do not allow the tan to be absorbed uniformly.

This could result in uneven, streaky color. No one would want this. Other bath products include harmful detergents and salicylic acid alpha-hydroxy, exfoliating beads scents, and dyes.

This could result in the loss of color after you spray tan in an unattractive way SUNNY TANNING GOAL A uniform, a smooth tan that lasts as long as it is possible. My list of suggested body washes that you can use before and after you spray tan is below.

First Shower After A Spray Tan

The person who spray tanned you will inform you of what time you have to be patient until you can shower following the spray tan.

There are rapid tan varieties of sunless tanning solutions that require leaving on the skin for 1-3 hours before showering. After that, only a clear water rinse.

Various spray tanning solutions have to be applied to the skin for between 8 and 10 hours or overnight before showering off.

For any type of spray tan solution If there are bronzers in the solution take note that your first tanning will appear too dark because the bronzer layer is layered over a mature spray tan. This is 2 layers of color, and it’s not enough. If you step into the shower, you will notice bronzer slapping away from the skin.

The result is that your tan may appear streaky when the water first touches your skin. DON’T PANIC! You’re not destroying your tan. ….stay at the bathroom, and then wash away the bronzer. The puddles will form on your feet, and you might feel as if you’ve ruined the spray tanning. But you haven’t. Your even sunless tan could be hidden beneath the bronzer waiting for you to discover it.

This is the case when you first shower after the application of a self-tanning cream or lotion with bronzer. A rough body wash can strip your sunless color in a hurry, leaving your bronzy glow faded.

What If I Wash My Spray Tan Off Too Early?

Cleaning a sunless tan before the time recommended can result in the tanning being lighter. If you wash off your spray tan right away after the application, you will not get the appearance of a brown tan.

The spray tan product DOES need to be applied to your skin for some time to build the color. This is largely dependent on your personal tanning preferences in terms of the length of time you keep your spray tan in place before washing.

I have clients who leave the spray tan on for 4-5 hours after that, they wash off the solution before going to bed. Some clients put their fresh spray tan in place overnight before they shower. It doesn’t matter so long as you’re satisfied with the color.

Note that I mentioned RINSE when we’re talking about the first shower you take after your spray tanning session. Soap stops the tan from forming. Rinsing can slow down the process, and also remove browning agents from the skin.

Be aware of your skin type and the kind of tan you’re seeking. Are you super fair and need a little glow to an event? A quick rinse could be the solution you’re seeking.

Do you have darker skin tones or are planning to go on an excursion and search for a beachy color? If so, then putting off the sunless products overnight might be the perfect place.

Similar is the case about at-home self-tanners. If you’re new to sunless tanning, feel free to play around using your spray tan artists or with your self-tanning spray to discover the most effective method for your skin and you.

Are you worried that you may be wrong and the room will end up being too dark? Do not worry ….just go over your leg. If it’s not the way you expected, you’re always able to put on pants for a few hours.

Be aware that sunless tanners are temporary! This is the reason they are safe, and also why you can experiment with them until you find the perfect shade. If the result isn’t as you expected, it will fade within a couple of days. Relax, have fun, and don’t be stressed.

How To Wash Your Face After A Spray Tan

If you’re in the business of tanning sunless your face is usually the first one to go through. Products for facial skin care as well as makeup removers aren’t easy to apply a spray tan, which can fade the color rapidly.

Make use of a facial wash that is sulfate-free that gently cleans your skin.

Don’t wash your face immediately after the spray tan using:

  • Acne wash
  • Anti-Aging Wash
  • harsh gel facial wash
  • facial washes that have AHA’s Glycolic or Retinols
  • Makeup removal wipes

What Body Wash Is Safe After My Spray Tan?

Think light, soft natural, and simple. Similar to the soap you use to wash your body before applying your spray tan, we don’t want anything abrasive or purple sparkling scent shower gel.

This can take away your gorgeous bronzed spray tan and leave you looking drab and sad. We would like your color to endure as long as it can, so we’ll need to choose a body wash you like and can extend the life of your spray tan for as long as you can.

Here’s my selection of the top body cleanser for use before and after getting your spray tanning. They are free of harmful ingredients that could cause sunless tanning to break down which can strip away the color too quickly.

Go through them and see if you discover a new body wash! Are you wondering whether you could wash your hair following your spray tanning? Visit my blog post which gives all the information you need on how to wash your hair after spray tan.

The 13 Best After Spray Tan Body Washes & Soaps Reviews 2022

Best After Spray Tan Body Washes & Soaps in 2022

The following list is the result of numerous research on the best websites for e-commerce and feedback from customers.

1)  Puracy Natural Body Wash

best body wash for spray tan


The Puracy Natural Body Wash contains a harmonious blend of premium and effective cleanser, emollients, and essential oils that help to cleanse soften, and refresh the skin. It is ideal for the most sensitive skin.

This body wash helps to hydrate, moisturize, and restore balance to all body parts. It is 99.3 100% natural and free of harsh chemicals. It doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates, petroleum derivatives, dyes, or artificial perfumes.

The body wash has been developed by doctors to gently clean the face, being safe for people with sensitive skin and other problems. Furthermore, it has sweet scents, so you can pick from them. It helps keep your skin healthy while providing your skin with the softness you desire.

It’s a coconut-based oil that moisturizes and has advantages when combined with spray tanning. The body wash can thoroughly cleanse your skin but keep the crucial layer of skin untouched. It means that your tan will be kept and protected.

2)  Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash


This is a fantastic body wash to use after spray tanning. It’s made with Soothing Oatmeal as well as abundant emollients, as well as an exclusive blend with natural oils.

Oats is a naturally occurring ingredient that is renowned for their skin-protection abilities. It keeps the barrier that shields our skin from damaging chemicals and helps restore the skin’s natural pH.

This body wash functions as a cleanser that is deep and offers the skin a supple and soft feel. It energizes the skin and boosts the natural moisture of the skin.

The body wash can be used for all types of skin. To treat dry as well as sensitive skin issues, this all-grain formulation is a great choice.

It’s also lightly scented as well as dye-free and soap-free. A healthy appearance of your skin will be what you receive each time you apply this body wash at the shower.

This is a fantastic body wash to use as the aftershave. It helps keep the skin soft and hydrated to make the tan appear more natural, and also last for longer.

3)  Everyone 3-in-1 Soap

Everyone 3-in-1 Soap


Who wouldn’t want to have a product that serves many purposes? This bath soap liquid is designed to serve for shampoo, shower gel or body wash, or bubble bath as well as a shaving gel.

It has plant extracts such as Aloe Vera, White Tea calendula, and chamomile as well as vitamin B5 and E, which are nutrient-rich.

It is vegan, gluten-free synthetic fragrance-free, paraben-free synthetic dye, and color-free and GMO-free& cleans the skin without leaving a visible leave-in.

This soap for bathing is safe for skin with sensitivity and is also available in a wide range of natural scents.

The soap is full of its ingredients and does well in cleaning the skin. But, the creamy aspect is something that some dislike in this soap.

4)  Body Wash for sensitive skin by Tree to Tub

Body Wash for sensitive skin by Tree to Tub


This body wash provides the ultimate healing that your skin has been longing for. It is made from soapberries and other organic botanicals that nourish and hydrate your skin without irritating it.

This body washes with citrus scent regulates pH levels on the skin (5.5) while gently cleansing all parts of the body.

It takes care of sensitive skin and ensures it is happy with the correct level of acidity. It will also soften your skin and be free of traces.

Also, it is free of artificial fragrances, parabens, gluten, sulfates or gluten, or other toxins.

This is a great body wash to remove your spray tanning.


5)  Skinerals Liquid Body Wash Soap

Skinerals Liquid Body Wash Soap


If the type of your skin is on this planet the liquid soap will be a great fit for you. It is specifically designed to be used by self-tanners. It is safe to use for spray tanning and keeps its appearance fresh and radiant.

Your tan deserves a mild formula that doesn’t remove it using harsh chemicals, and this soap is a perfect match for this.

It’s formulated using organic ingredients such as shea butter, aloe, and oils from plants. It has an aroma that is pleasant and free of irritating ingredients for your skin’s delicate. It’s cruelty-free, sulfate-free, and vegan. An excellent product. Take a look!

6)  Cetaphil Daily Refreshing Body Wash

Cetaphil Daily Refreshing Body Wash



Body wash which thoroughly cleanses the skin while protecting it from sun damage is ideal for after-spray tanning.

Here’s a body cleanser that does exactly the. It gets rid of dirt and impurities and gives your skin a glowing appearance. It leaves your skin soft and smooth thanks to natural oils for moisturizing and protecting and Emollients.

Additionally, it is mild, hypoallergenic, and does not cause any irritation during everyday use. Dermatologists recommend it.

7)  Norvell Post Sunless pH Balancing Cleanser – Body Wash

Norvell Post Sunless pH Balancing Cleanser - Body Wash


This is a post-tan body wash that was created by Norvell one of the most popular spray tanning brands on the market for beauty products.

It’s designed to thoroughly cleanse your skin without damaging the vital layer. This will help keep your skin healthy and maintain the bronzed glow you have.

It’s free of harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, chlorine synthetic fragrance, phthalates, and much more.

Its presence in Dermal Barrier Complex Dermal Barrier Complex enables it to hold in moisture and regulate your pH. This can help keep your tan in good condition and protect it from damage. Vanilla’s aroma can also be found in nature.

This is a refreshing body wash that’s great for keeping your natural tan.

8)  Hempz Pink Pomelo & Himalayan Sea Salt Herbal Foaming Body Wash

Hempz Pink Pomelo & Himalayan Sea Salt Herbal Foaming Body Wash


ItBUY NOW ‘s made with 100% hemp seed, oil, and hemp blended with extracts from pink pomelo. It also has seawater and red algae shea butter, Vitamins A, C, and E to replenish, moisturize and nourish the skin.

The skin will become soft, supple, and smooth. This is an excellent body wash that’s perfect to use after a tanning shower.

9)  Meyer’s Clean Day Body Wash


This body wash is specially designed to cleanse deeply the skin and eliminate impurities. It is available in various fresh scents like honeysuckle, lavender, geranium, lemon verbena, and basil.

It’s made of aloe Vera gel as well as vital oils, flaxseed oil, and other ingredients carefully chosen. The body wash provides moisture- and rejuvenating properties.

It provides your skin with an incredibly soft and smooth texture because the gentle foam can rinse clean. It is dermatologically approved and is cruelty-free.

10)  Love Beauty and Planet Majestic Moisture Body Wash, Shea Butter & Sandalwood

best body wash for spray tan


The body wash is made with sandalwood, shea butter as well as coconut oil. These ingredients are good to show how effective the body wash can be.

It assists in locking in moisture to provide deep-nourished skin. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, free, and sulfate-free therefore there is no risk of dryness or irritation. It will keep your skin hydrated while allowing your tan to flourish.

11)  Be essential Natural Body Wash, Lavender, Sulfate-Free Bath, and Shower Gel

best body wash for spray tan


The body cleanser is created with hemp, honey, and aloe. It is made from plant-based ingredients such as Vegetable Glycerin.

It also contains oil that hydrates, such as olive oil and coconut oil. Relax your skin using this body wash, and notice how it gets rid of impurities and provides a soft feeling. It’s free of paraben, sulfate as well as phosphate, and PEG.

It is the scent of sweetness that will calm the skin while leaving you refreshed.

12)  Kiss My Face Fragrance-Free Moisturizing Shower Gel

Kiss My Face Fragrance-Free Moisturizing Shower Gel


The light and refreshing shower gel are scent-free. It moisturizes and cleanses the skin without damaging its surface layer.

It is made up of plant-based ingredients such as olive oil, aloe along with vitamin E. It’s also paraben vegan, cruelty-free, vegan, free of sulfates and phthalates. This gel for showers soothes the skin and is great for after a tan shower. Take a look!

13)  Aviva Shower Glow DHA-Infused Body Wash


This is an after-tan spray that’s safe to use and effective to maintain and preserve your tanning.

It’s suitable for all types of skin. It is made with natural plant-based ingredients, such as aloe vera.

It moisturizes, nourishes, and softens the skin. This soap can help make keep your tan looking fresher and longer.

How Do I Maintain My Tan?

In addition to obtaining a good cleanser, there are many other methods to keep your skin tan. This will help you avoid getting streaky or the faded tan. There are other ways to keep your skin tanned, to prevent getting streaky or disappearing. Below is a brief overview of some methods.

  1. Your first shower following your spray tan needs to be warm water but not too hot. It shouldn’t also be too long.
  2. Do not use a washcloth or loofahs as long as you have your tan.
  3. Do not shave for the first 12 to 24 hours following your spray tanning.
  4. Don’t apply pressure to your skin after you exit the shower. Dry the skin instead.
  5. Apply a moisturizer twice a day using a water-based product.


For that beautiful natural, spot-free, and sun-kissed complexion, you have to take attention to your skin.

A suitable body washes after a spray tan are among the best ways to take care of your skin. Your bronze will appear shiny and last longer. This means that your strong glowing, radiant, and healthy skin won’t be a fantasy and instead become the reality you live in.

Skin that is flawless and bronzed is a way to boost confidence in oneself and boost self-esteem. Choose one of the soaps or body washes today to begin your journey to gorgeous as well-groomed skin.