16 Best Tanning Lotions For Legs: Which One Is Best For You?

Best Tanning Lotions For Legs

Every woman wants to look at her legs as super-attractive, gorgeous, and sexy as possible. Tanning your legs is a great way to give them an attractive and flawless appearance. One of the hardest parts of your body to tan is your legs. The tan on your legs often appears blotchy and uneven, which doesn’t match the tan on other parts of your body.

There are several reasons for this. No matter how long you spend tanning, certain factors prevent your legs from tanning easily. To enhance your leg tanning effect, you need effective leg tanning lotions.

The lotions are not as messy as spa tanning or creams. In addition, tanning lotions are mainly for legs. Legs are thicker and consume less melanin than any other part of our body, making it necessary.

In this guide, we examine the best tanning lotions for legs, as well as the various factors to consider.

Best Tanning Lotions for Legs in 2021

1)  Ultra Dark leg bronzing formula by Supre Snooki

Best Tanning Lotions For Legs


It is by far one of the most popular leg tanning lotions. This product contains a hair-growth inhibitor that eliminates the need to shave regularly, leaving your legs smooth and extending the life of your tan. It contains dark bronzers that provide excellent tanning results for difficult-to-tan areas.

It contains skin firming ingredients, shaves minimizers, and skin conditioners. Each of these factors contributes to a satisfactory tanning result.

Coconut and sweet almond essential oils make the skin soft, supple, and smooth. Additionally, it is infused with a skin moisturizer that keeps your legs hydrated all day long.

It provides the skin on your legs with the desired deep, rich, and radiant glow while leaving it with a healthy and long-lasting tan.

2)  ED HARDY Ooh La Luxe LEGS Coconut Cream Oil Bronzer

ED HARDY Ooh La Luxe LEGS Coconut Cream Oil Bronzer


The moment you apply this leg tanning lotion, you’ll see a bit of shimmery color. It will prevent tattoos from fading. It has Body Fit technology, like many other tanning lotions from Ed Hardy. It tightens the skin and reduces cellulite.

Like Snooki’s lotion, it slows hair growth. For those who are curious, the fragrance is Sweet Pink Passion Fruit.

3)  Beauty Self Tanner With Organic Aloe Vera & Shea Butter

Beauty by Earth sunless tanning lotion


Are you devoted to making your legs worth the red carpet salutation? If so, the self-tanner from Beauty must be applied. Your pallid and drab skin will soon become glowing and fantastic.

Aloe vera and shea butter are both organic ingredients in the self-tanner. As a result, you will no longer have to sacrifice your health to get attractive dark legs. The leg cream doesn’t leave an after-effect, and it is super-easy to apply. Even contains DHA to provide a natural-looking tan, so no more fake tans.

Additionally, its organic elements are safe for men, women, and teens with sensitive skin. You won’t have to worry about skin irritation or allergies. There will be no orange spots or blotches on your skin instead of the tanned look you desire.

In addition, it is vegan and cruelty-free certified. It is also eco-friendly.

4)  Delicious legs Ultimate Bronzing lotion by Devoted Creations


This is one of two products from Devoted Creations that made it to this list. Leg bronzing formula makes your legs look ‘delicious’. As a result, it flushes your skin with warmth and gives your legs a dark, toning effect immediately after a tanning session.

Skin on the legs is effectively softened by the bronzing formula. In addition to nourishing it, it gives it a bronzed glow.

This product contains high-quality ingredients and a unique dead sea mineral complex that gives it many benefits. Cocoa and shea butter provide immediate and long-lasting hydration.

Cellulite is effectively treated, skin damage is repaired, tone and texture are improved, and elasticity is increased. In addition, it promotes firmness and fights against skin sagging and other signs of aging

5)  Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

accelerator for outdoor tanning

BUY NOW You should pay attention to your legs. With Ed Hardy tanning lotion, you can give them the perfect attention and care. It contains coconut oil and coconut milk to provide you with one of the best skin darkening effects.

Due to its strong Melano Bronze, it is considered one of the best self-tanning lotions for legs. It produces the fastest tanning effect without the hassle of going to spas or crowded beaches. The quad tyrosine blend further intensifies the darkening process. Moreover, coconut extract will improve skin hydration for maximum self-tanning enjoyment.

Another benefit of using tanning lotion is that it is tattoo-safe. Unlike many tanners, it won’t fade away the tattoo. With perfectly smooth skin, you can extend the lifespan of both your tanning and tattoos.

Additionally, it combines vanilla and coconut fragrances to make you more attractive. Your everyday life will be a paradise.

6)  New Sunshine Jwoww One and Done Warming Leg Bronzer, 6 Ounce


This is a potent tanning bronzing formula to get your desired darker legs. It comes with DHA and core black walnut extract, which provides your skin with immediate and long-lasting darker skin tones thanks to the various ingredients it contains. This professional-grade product energizes your skin, helping you maintain an even tone when used daily in conjunction with vitamin E from its yogurt-based formula infused with extracts from pear and black currants.

The product also contains Vit E, shea butter, and caffeine for smoother legs without any stubble or shaving needs. This product is suited for all types of tanners including women—from beginners who are looking for that perfect bite of sultry summer highlight all the way up to professionals

7)  Designer Skin Head Over Heels dark bronzing lotion


What about making people fall head over heels in love with your beautiful legs? With this bronzing formula, you will have an even and sleek golden tan to achieve this.

With its high-quality skincare ingredients and tan maximizers, it gives your legs the tan they deserve from an excellent tanning lotion. In addition to smoothing and firming your skin, it offers age-defying benefits and tans your legs darker.

The bronzing formula has the scent of candied plum. It also contains a shave minimizer, which reduces hair growth and leaves your legs flawless.

Caffeine helps tone and tighten your skin, while Aloe keeps your skin hydrated, while DHA enhances pigmentation, leaving you with a darker skin tone.

 8)  Maui Babe Browning Lotion

tan accelerator for outdoor tanning


“When the cold winds blow, you may find yourself looking for a little island sunshine to take back home with you. The Maui Babe Tanning Lotion is your one-way ticket to skin kissed by the sun! One popular choice of both tourists and locals, this formula will help provide that natural, golden brown color.”

With all-natural ingredients like kukui nut oil, vitamins, aloe vera, and Kona coffee plant extract – there are no bronzers just tan accelerating agents – it’s never been easier or more convenient than now to get beach-ready in time for winter!”

9)  Bain de Soleil Orange Gelee Sunscreen


Work in the sun without fear thanks to Bain de Soleil Orange Gelee Sunscreen. The formula protects your skin with its SPF 4 protection, including 75% of UVB rays that cause easy burning and release antioxidants like vitamin C.

It doesn’t block UVA rays though, so be sure to use SPF whenever you go outside for prolonged periods between 10 am-4 pm (typically). The sweet orange extract helps maintain skin elasticity and anti-oxidants like Vitamin E keep you looking young after time in the sun.

10)  Millennium Solid Blackleg Bronzer


If you are having trouble getting a tan on your legs, you should give this a try. The anti-cellulite formula contains DHA and erythrulose, which helps ensure a darkening effect on your legs. As a result, your legs will have the desired tone and appearance without a streak of orange.

In addition to giving immediate and delayed bronzing effects, the product contains ingredients that improve the appearance of the skin. The product has a sensual berry davana scent, hydrates skin, and protects from irritations. This is a great leg bronzer that will leave you satisfied.


11)  Devoted Creations lavish legs

Devoted Creations lavish legs


Firm and healthily tighten your legs with Devoted Creations. This streak-free formula contains no strong chemical ingredients, only the best nutrients to hydrate your skin. When you use this product, it will not just transform your appearance, but also leave you refreshed all day long.

Just spray it on once a day for that perfect dark tone without any messy residue or unnatural orange tint left behind after use! Prevent hair from growing back for weeks so your legs stay smooth and soft every time until the next touch-up. The pleasant midnight spice fragrance helps take away any unpleasant smells too!

12)  Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion


What about getting bronzed without tanning? The leg makeup lotion from Sally Hansen conceals freckles, varicose veins, and other imperfections.

It’s water-resistant and lightweight. If you don’t look down, you won’t know you’re wearing it. Moreover, the streak-free formula stimulates circulation to tone the skin.

13)  Zero to sexy leg bronzer


Why not transform your legs’ tone and appearance from zero to sexy? A dark bronzing best tanning lotions for legs does just that. Your legs will have a streak-free, splotch-free, rich, deep, and dark color thanks to the argon oil formula. The matte finish settles nicely on your skin and offers even coverage.

Silicone emulsion formula contains argon oil, which helps condition the legs for an effective tan. Softness, hydration, protection, and smoothness are all provided by it. Additionally, it contains DOPA, a precursor to melanin. This helps activate the legs’

14)  Australian Gold Instant Sunless Tanning Lotion

Best Tanning Lotions For Legs


The new self-tanner lotion is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to look Bronzed without all of the hassles. This product comes with DHA and erythrulose ingredients that give you beautiful results in just one use, plus it has cosmetic bronzers so even if your natural color isn’t quite right yet or doesn’t last long enough on its own – this will extend both their time frame!

The delicious tropical fragrance also makes applying every day much more enjoyable than before; not only does this keep skin healthy but smells great too thanks to premium fragrances such as caramelized sugar notes from coffee marmalade followed by orange zest essential oils

15)  Swedish Beauty Girlfriend Sexy legs


This lotion contains a blend of healing and hydrating ingredients, making it an excellent choice. This includes dark chocolate with blueberries for antioxidants; DHA to prevent free radical damages in the skin leaving you looking more vibrant, smooth & soft.

The tanning formula features a Shave minimizer that helps produce melanin leading toward an even tone throughout your legs – all while eliminating pesky stubble or razor burn! It comes equipped not only with hemp but also delivers fragrance that is pleasant to boot!

16)  Onyx Sexy Legs Tanning lotion


This is an effectively formulated tanning lotion for your legs and other hard to tan body parts. The white-colored bronzer contains DHA, erythrulose which gives it double the effect of darkening as well as moisturizing ingredients that leave you with baby soft skin in no time! With this fast absorption formula, not only will we have optimal color but also healthy cells due to antioxidants like vitamin C or collagen peptides; leaving behind long-lasting results without harmful chemicals such as two common sunscreens found on store shelves today (which often contain hormone-disrupting compounds).


A lot of people yearn for that perfect tan on their legs. Unfortunately, the journey to achieving it can be difficult and at times frustrating because there are so many factors involved in getting you what your heart desires: beautiful bronze skin with an even glow throughout! However, don’t worry- best tanning lotions for legs this guide has all of those secrets revealed within its pages; just read carefully enough until I reveal my secret weapon…

From now onwards everything will become much easier as long as we make use of our amazing new leg bronzer!