What Causes Reddish Brown Spots on Ankles & Legs


Brown spots on ankles are a common thing. Don’t worry about this. At the growing age of factor, our skin loses moisture. Actually, sunspots and skin pigmentations are concerns among adults. Dark spots on legs are also very common. This generally happens when the patch of skin produce.

Red blood cells are broken down and hemoglobin lets out the iron. Too much iron is then kept as hemosiderin in the tissues under your skin. That is why raised brown spots on ankles, arms, and legs.

What causes reddish-brown spots on ankles

There are many factors brown spots on legs

Sun Damage

Skin behaves to sunlight to create more melanin. Getting more sun is a common factor of brown skin ankle discoloration. It is more cause for those people they have lightening skin.

Sun exposure can prompt brown or black spots and lower leg as UV rays of the sunrise melanin production in the skin. If you have brown spots on your ankles there is a possibility that is due to sun damage. It also causes acne problems.


brown spots ankles diabates

A few people with diabetes build up protection from insulin. This can keep the body from appropriately utilizing the insulin created by the pancreas.

Accordingly, inordinate measures of insulin can develop in the circulatory system. This can cause a dim band of skin that is probably going to show up around the neck. This is known as acanthosis nigricans and doesn’t for the most part happen on the legs.

There are many other factors like that:

  • Aging
  • Genetic
  • Trauma
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis

Home Remedies for removing brown dirt spots on ankles

1) Aloe Vera

aloe vera treatemnt brown spots

Aloe Vera is good for aids skin regeneration. So its remove brown spots especially when caused by sun exposure.

You take an aloe vera and take a fresh gel. Apply on the spots. Leave it 30 minutes and then wash with cold water. This process in a week 3 times repeat. Then you feel improvement in brown freckl-like spots on feet and ankles.

2) Papaya

Its rich in alpha hydroxyl acids and enzymes can help to control exfoliate in your skin and reduce age spots, acne and other skins problem. Papaya also helps lighten skin naturally and permanently.

Rub 1 tablespoon of grated papaya on brown spots and leave it 20 minutes. After that wash with lukewarm water. This procedure does 4 times a week. It is the best cure for brown or dark spot on ankles and feet.

3) Castor Oil

The other home remedies are castor oil. It has more effectively for age spots. For good result in castor oil, you should mix vitamin E oil, almond oil, olive oil and coconut oil.

  • Take a cotton ball to apply castor oil on the affected area of ankle discoloration.
  • Leave it for 50 minutes then wash it
  • Do this daily one time in a day. Its help in brown spots fade and your skin tone are good.

4) Butter Milk

Butter Milk rich in lactic acid that helps exfoliate the skin to remove brown spots.

Take a cotton ball and apply buttermilk on the affected area. If your complexion is oily or acne takes a lemon juice and put in buttermilk. Leave it a few minutes and wash with water. Buttermilk also help dark skin around ankles.

Age-related spots ought to anyway not be extraordinary trouble since they are an integral part of the ordinary maturing process that you will undoubtedly experience sooner or later in your life. They are a piece of body physiology and thusly try not to be stressed a lot over them.



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