Best 5 Colors That Make You Look Tan

colors that make you look tan

It’s difficult to find the right colors that make you look tan to use in your makeup when you’re pale. You might want to experiment with nude shades or brown can be used as an alternative.

You should pick colors that make you look tan that are not too bright but are complementary to your skin tone. If you’re looking for a warmer color, choose one that has some orange in it. If you’re looking for a cooler color, choose one with some purple or pink in it.

Choosing the right color is important because you don’t want to make your skin look pale. On the other hand, darker colors will also make your skin look grey or ashy giving off a deathly appearance.

Avoid pastel shades that are typically used on light-skinned girls. These shades were not made for dark-complexioned individuals because they are proven to wash out the skin tone even more making it foggy and dull looking. Also, stay clear away from neon colors which tend to be extremely harsh on tan ladies.

1) Bright pink

If you have yellow undertones in your skin this will help bring out the pink in your cheeks without being too bright or clownish looking. This color can work well if you have tanned skin. This is because the color will blend in with your skin tone making it look natural on you.

As for this color giving off a deathly appearance, some ladies love this shade but prefer to mix it with coral red lipstick for more of an alive and sexy look. On the other hand, if you’re not too fond of the bright pink blush colors you can try out a mauve or plum color that tends to be darker toned. It is the best colors that make you look tan.

2) Peach

For most dark-skinned women, peaches are typically their go-to shade when it comes to blushes because they help warm up the face cut down harsh lighting where they might have greenish undertones showing through their skin tone. You should avoid very dark orange shades because they tend to look too bright on dark skin.

3) Mauve

This is a great color for ladies looking to warm up their faces without being too intense or bright on them. You might want to try out this shade if you’re more of a nude person when it comes to makeup. This can work best for your lips as well.

Brownish reds are another good alternative because the colors are typically warmer toned so they’ll blend in with your skin tone making it appear very natural on you. This type of blush tends to work better on tanned people rather than pale folks because it helps bring out the rustic undertone of tan skin instead of washing away all that beautiful pigment as some other colors do.

This color is a good alternative for those who work in corporate settings because it can be worn during the day and at night. Taking your makeup up a notch with the help of some liquid liner, lashes, and added hippie can make this color pop even more giving you a sexy look to take on the town.


4) Pinkish reds

If you’re looking to create a dramatic effect this would be great to use as an eyeshadow shade because it makes your brown eyes stand out especially if you have yellow undertones in your skin. This type of blush will give off that nice feminine look without being too overbearing.

5) Coral reds

You don’t want to completely avoid this shade but typically paler people tend to shy away from it because it makes them look drained and lifeless. However, if you’re tan this color is an awesome alternative especially for your summer glow making you stand out well with a pop of orange that’s very subtle.

6) Berry reds

This would be another great shade for dark-skinned women because it gives off a nice romantic look. This works best as a lipstick alternative that helps bring out those beautiful lips on the fairer skin individuals. Although this is typically more flattering on fair skin folks, it can work well as a blush as well if you want to take things up a notch with some added highlight and liner.

For ladies who are looking for something bold and bright, hot pink is perfect for them! Typically this color works best for those who like to smolder and show off their darker skin tone. Although this is more of a nighttime look, you can always apply it during the day as well because anything brighter than your natural lip tone tends to be worn as an everyday routine throughout the year.

Another good alternative for ladies with lighter undertones in their skin that want something that pops! A deep pink helps bring out those rosy cheeks on those with fairer complexions. This color works great on those who have cooler undertones and especially if you’re looking for a vibrant shade. It’s also perfect for Spring and Summer months when lighter shades start coming out once again.

Darker-toned women tend to love reds so this would be another good color for you to rock! This type of shade is typically worn by women with cooler undertones because it helps keep the skin looking more alive than something orange on them. Darker shades also help slim down those who are petite and size. It can be worn during the day or night time looks which makes it an easy everyday choice for busy people on the go just trying to look good without too much effort.

Does white colors that make you Look tan?

The color white only dictates the intensity of the tan. When you think that colors are keeping you looking tan, it’s your skin tone that does that. Depending on how dark or light your skin is, you’ll need to let this dictate what colors work best for you. The closer the color is to your original skin tone, it’s likely going to enhance and instead of disguise any problem areas so consider where the sun would normally shine when picking out clothes.

If you don’t want to think about all of this and just simply want to look good, the safest bet is darker colors like black and browns because they give off a mysterious sense of sexiness on any person. These two colors are typically worn during the Fall and Winter months while lighter colors such as pastels and whites tend to be used more during Spring and Summer.