Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne? & How To Treat

does smoking weed cause acne

There is no indication that smoking weed cause acne, but it could make living acne worse. This result may occur due to behavioral differences relating to brown or because of the consequences of smoking on the body.
Smoking weed can become a person’s performance. They may feel lethargic or have a developed appetite. Hygiene, diet, and stress are not causes of acne, but these circumstances could make breakouts worse if a character then has acne.
The plant itself has frequently gained a character for its cannabidiol (CBD) content, which may harm your brain but doesn’t get you huge. Another substance called tetrahydrocannabinol is the material that does get users high.
Legendary marijuana has hallucinogenic results, which are connected to THC. It can also produce side effects that often affect your brain, lungs, and heart. An extra side effect is a dry mouth.
However, there’s no actual proof that hemp can dry out your skin and reasonably lead to acne and other skincare concerns.
It’s well-established that smoking nicotine goods such as smokes can lead to long-term skin damage smoking weed cause acne.
You may remark that somebody who burns tends to have more fine materials and lines connected to those who don’t. This may be due to the impression that smoke has on collagen content in the dermis. Collagen is the essential protein in your skin effective for flexibility and plumpness.
Still, it’s not whether these related effects apply to smoking hash. While cannabis itself isn’t considered carcinogenic, the smoke from both tobacco and probably marijuana contain carcinogens, with tobacco smoke having the most-established negative effects.
On the flip side, the marijuana factory itself has been found to have anti-inflammatory ingredients Trusted Source.

Can smoking weed be suitable for your skin?

does smoking weed cause acne
Don’t smoke.

There are different searches on the internet about marijuana and your skin, none of which are based on experimental investigations.
Some recommend marijuana can probably benefit your skin and keep sebum at recess. Sebum is the oil created from sebaceous kidneys that can afford to acne. Others maintain that it can make your skin age extra fast and possibly worsen provocative skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, and rosacea. A lot of the difficulty has to do with the way marijuana is done.
One potential benefit of smoking marijuana is its capacity to decrease the risk of several cancers. This may involve skin cancerTrusted Spring.
Additional introductory investigations show that the anti-inflammatory effects of marijuana could help skin disease trusted Source, but more clinical trials are needed.
The revelation is that researchers now have more possibilities to study the effects of marijuana on skin tone, partly thanks to the legalization of the material in some states.
As further studies are carried on marijuana, the more accurate clinical confirmation we will have on its consequences on the skin.
When contemplating marijuana for skin health, there also appears to be more indication that topical uses of cannabis, rather than burning it, may serve the skin. “Local” here means connected straight to the skin.
One review proposed that cannabinoids in marijuana, when employed topically, may provide anti-inflammatory and anti-itching results for eczema.
Another study trusted Source of topical cannabis found that cannabinoids “show promise” to help treat pimples due to its anti-inflammatory effects

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Can Smoking Weed Cause Acne?

Smoking cigarettes harms people’s skin, and the drug can have a comparable effect. Analysis indicates smoking nicotine increases the time it demands pimples to repair and can even worsen swelling. This can lead to some users switching over to vaping or just ending upfront.
Marijuana smoke could have a comparable effect but again, more further research is a need. If you’re concerned regarding the smoking weed cause acne either way, then there are alternative ways of utilizing the drug, such as edibles.
More marijuana research will help somebody get the health effects. Feasible side effects of smoking pot cover:

  •  difficulties with vision, focus, and knowledge
  • raised heart rate
  • lung injury and increased risk for a lung infection

Other smoking weed causes of acne

Although there is no recognized cause of acne, heredity and hormones are likely to perform a role. Acne happens when the heart gives too much of an oil named sebum, which mixes with dead surface cells to form pores. Bacteria can become caught in the pores and increase, causing redness and inflammation.
Spring, eating certain vegetables, or possessing poor hygiene could make a breakout worse. Other common triggers can include:

  • some medicine, such as steroids
  • some faces
  • sweat or bacteria closing the pores


As marijuana is frequently approved for both therapeutic and recreational use, there are many features to learn about the plant’s impacts on your well. This constitutes your skin, the body’s most extensive organ.
Their smoke talks online about marijuana annoying oily skin and causing acne, while others claim that smoking it can help your skin.
The bottom line is there isn’t enough scientific evidence possible to place links between smoking pot and your skin health. So far, the investigation into any skin benefits of marijuana seen at local uses only.