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How much does spray tan cost? A spray tan is usually a new experience for people who have never done one before. Even though we all love the look of sun-kissed skin, not everyone wants to expose their skin to the tanning booth’s UV rays or risk getting a painful sunburn. It’s fortunate for you that there are several safe and fast spray tans that you can use to get a tan without experiencing the burn.

You probably have a bunch of questions before you try spray tanning, especially if you are a newbie. As well as wanting to know if spray tanning is safe, you may also want to know how much spray tanning costs.

The average cost of a spray tan at a salon is $40.00, with prices ranging from $18 to $100. Prices will vary by location, quality of salon, type of spray tan, and whether the session is part of a package deal. Okay, so we have the basic answer, now let’s dig a little deeper.

How a Spray Tan Works

Brace yourself if you have never gotten naked in front of a stranger to get a spray tan. But don’t freak out just yet, it’s not as bad as you think. There are a few things you should know when you go to get a tan for the first time.

Before your spray tan appointment, you will need to:

  • You can either tan naked or you can wear disposable innerwear.
  • Hydrated skin absorbs the tan solution better and lasts longer.
  • Remove unwanted body hair mainly on the underarms, legs, and arms (waxing is highly recommended).
  • Makeup, deodorant, and moisturizer will interfere with the absorption of the spray tan solution.
  • Make sure your tan doesn’t flake off by exfoliating.
  • Wear loose, dark clothing to your appointment to prevent rubbing the tan off while it is being absorbed.

The tan therapist will advise you on what shade of tan is best for your skin during your spray tan. After you have decided what you want, the therapist will provide you with a hair net and disposable underwear and you will be left to undress. After the tanning session, you will be instructed on how to wash off the solution.

Spray Tanning Costs

how much does spray tans cost

To understand spray tanning costs, we have to break them down into a few different categories. Spray tanning is often associated with a standard, professional airbrush applied with a handheld spray gun in a studio. There are several types of spray tanning, ranging from salon tans to home tans.

1)  Spray Tanning at Salon Prices

Salon spray tanning charges are the most varied of all salon services. Because the kind of tanning no longer is limited to the standard machine or airbrush tanning.

Many airbrush tanning options are available, such as half-body, full-body, velocity, and couture tans.

The price varies with the quality of the salon, the type of tanning, and the brand of spray tan used.

The average cost of an airbrush would be around $40 since it is so extensive. A tanning machine session can cost anywhere between $25 and $30 per session. Nevertheless, if you consider quality rather than affordability, the price is worth it.

2)  Air Brush Costs

Airbrush tanning allows you to spray tan either your entire body or just parts of it. With an airbrush tan, you can highlight your abs, breasts, or muscle tone.

If that’s the case, you will have to spend a little more, but it will all be worth it Additionally, the price of airbrush tanning can differ based on where you are located, the skill of the technician.

The cost of spray tanning is typically in the middle of the range. An airbrush can cost between $30 and $80. Again, the higher the cost of airbrush spray tanning, the better the quality.

3)  Mobile Spray tanning Cost

It has become a preferred option for those who don’t want to leave home or are too tired. Salons are also offering this service more and more often.

The price of this spray tanning option varies depending on the type of tan and the brand of the product. The cost can range from $50 to $120. It may even exceed this amount.

Mobile tanning is more than just an airbrush tan. Without the usual mess, you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. Usually, a mobile spray tan service also includes a tanning tent, which explains the high price.

With mobile spray tanning, you won’t have to rush back to your car or worry about stained seats. This might not be a bad option if you are willing to pay a few extra dollars.

4)  Spray tanner costs at home

Tanning at home is your best bet if you’re a fan of spray tanning. If you’re not an expert, it won’t help.

Spray tan bottles and cans are available for less than $10. However, I will never suggest using cheaper spray tan solutions. The better the quality of tanning solutions, the better your tan, and your health will be.

Therefore, always choose good brands. What is the best spray tan solution? Even better, they won’t cost much. Under $30, you can easily find good tanning solutions.

It is also important to get a spray tan gun for your home. You will need to spend some money here. Typically, it will cost you around $200. Nevertheless, I think it’s a good investment if you are good at self-tanning.

Spray tanning at home costs less than $15 per session because spray tanning machines and guns are one-time investments, and tanning solutions can be purchased for less than $25.

5)  Self-Tanner

Self-tanners are lotions, mousses, and gels that can be applied at home. It usually contains an ingredient called DHA, which reacts with your skin cells to create pigment, giving you a natural-looking, but short-lived tan.

Since I have dozens of articles on self-tanner, including an article just on the typical costs, I won’t go into too much detail. Generally, self-tanners cost about $10.00, ranging from around $6.00 to over a hundred dollars for high-end products.

Self-tanner is by far the most popular form of sunless tanning, as it is inexpensive, effective, and extremely simple to use.

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After tanning, how do you looking your tan?

Don’t let all your preparations go to waste after your tanning session. Here are some post-treatment tips:

  • The places where you’re most likely to shed off your tan skin are gyms, hot showers, and spas.
  • Keep your skin moisturized every night to keep your tan intact.
  • You can dab, blot, or pat your towel on your skin after showering. Keep your tan looking by not rubbing the towel.
  • After tanning, you can apply makeup, but you’ll need to wait at least six hours. When you use self-tanners, the same applies.

Spray tanning: Is it worth it?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a perfect bronzed look all year round. If you ask how much does a spray tan cost, you may then wonder if it’s worth it. Despite the abundance of products available, spray tanning is still the most effective way to get that golden glow. Additionally, it has many benefits. All you have to do to get that sun-kissed look is Google “spray tan near me” and book an appointment.

Final Words: How Much Does Spray Tan Cost

Another great alternative to tanning under the sun is spray tanning. Almost all salons have trained professionals who will ensure your tan looks extremely natural and has even coverage. An average spray tan costs around $40.00, which is a bit more expensive than a quality self-tanner, but it is a great option if you are looking for something that is professionally applied.

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