8 Best Way To Take Care Of Your Dusky Skin

dusky skin

Dusky skin is lightly darker than wheatish skin but lighter than black-brown complexion. It is also referred to as “tanned” skin or “sun-kissed.”

Dusky skin looks beautiful if it’s flawless. However, a few points or irregularities in the skin tone can make you look dull. Like its fair equivalent, dusky skin requires attention and additional care to keep looking young and supple. With a proper skincare routine, your skin will remain hydrated, free from pigmentation, and you will experience a balanced complexion.

While each skin tone has a charm of its own, the beauty industry has specifically classified them into different categories. In this post, we give you tips for accentuating dusky skin.

What is Dusky Skin Tone

You have a dusky skin tone if your skin complexion is naturally dark or brown. Some people believe that dusky skin is the epitome of real beauty and that it is also sensuous and sexy.

As in other skin tones, there are also different hues of dusky skin. Some are closer to fair skin tones; some others tend to be brown. Different dusky skin tones are even darker and closer to being black.

If you want to have fairer skin, is there a way to do it? In Asia, there is a way women with darker skin have transformed or changed their skin color. They did it through a process is known as skin whitening.

The main part of this skin whitening process is glutathione. This substance is used initially to fight diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, liver problems, and many other illnesses. It has established that there is one “unintended” benefit for those who have used this substance.

How can I maintain my dusky skin?

1)  Safe Skin from Sun

Ladies, stay away from the sun. Protect your skin well. Use high SPF sunblocks and sunscreens to avoid severe sun damage. Covering up your face with a light-colored scarf will also work.

get pale skin

2)  Wear A Foundation That Suits Your Skin Tone

 Foundation for dusky skin

Avoid using a foundation lighter than your skin tone. It can make your skin look patchy and grey. Carry your shade with pride! The purpose of wearing a foundation is to even out your skin and appear healthy and radiant.

Mix in some tinted moisturizer that suits your skin to the foundation you use. This tint will help the foundation to match your skin tone. The moisturizer will let the foundation spread evenly on the skin, and you can avoid ugly patches.

3)  Mask

Dark skin tones lose their moisture quicker than other skin tones. That is why you need to keep the hydrated and skin moisturized. Try to use homemade masks at least once a week to keep the skin fresh and glowing. Honey and egg whites make an excellent pair for radiant skin. If your skin is oily, choose the egg white, and if you have dry skin, then better result goes for the egg yolk. Mask also good for pale skin.

4)  Papaya

dusky skin treatment with papaya

Peel and remove the seeds from green papaya. Make the paste of papaya. Leave it on your face and neck for almost 20-30 minutes in the morning or before going to bed. Wash with lukewarm water.

5)  Turmeric

Combine two tablespoon flour, two tablespoon rice water, and one teaspoon turmeric in a glass bowl. Mix properly. Dip on the bowl and dab on to dark spots. Leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. If you worry about turmeric stain on skin click on it.

6)  Beware of oil

Oily skin is the biggest problem for women with a darker skin tone. It takes them away from moisturizers because they turn the skin oilier. Use some milk of magnesia on the face and let it settle. Next, apply light and non-oily moisturizer. With this method, you will keep your not look slick face and moisturized.

7)  Foundation that matters

The sheer inability to discover a foundation cream or a compact that matches their skin tone. It is imperative to find the right shade to complement your skin tone but not mask it with a completely different color. The shade should resemble your natural skin tone. If not, a lighter establishment will make your face look ashy after application.

8)  The right tone

One method of keeping your face free of pimples is by using a toner daily. The right toner for your skin will exfoliate it gently and removes all the dirt accumulating on its surface.


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