Can You Shower After Tanning? Everything You Need To Know

shower after tanning

Showering after tanning is one of the common confusing questions among the tanning organization. It is right to get a shower after the tanning session. But the question is a rise how long should you wait? It depends on the kind of tanning session you only had.

How Long To Shower After Tanning

Seeing the golden brown tan needs a lengthy method that needs a lot of your time, persistence, and patience. After completing that work included in your tanning process, you don’t need to wash it all off with a quick bath. Though, after tanning how long waits to shower will depend on several factors.

Adopting a tanning bed? Are you sunbathing, and using a self-tanning lotion? And what regarding bronzers, are you utilizing these? Each of these methods has its own time you require to wait before you can get a shower

Shower Before Tanning

Beginning your day with a shower. You’ll clean your skin with water, and you’ll be prepared for your tanning session. Shower first thing will unlock up pores and prep the body for the session to come and it will be helping your skin if you are using a mild exfoliant.

After that shower, you should implement a moisturizer to your skin, and possibly a broad-spectrum sunscreen as well, depending on your requirements. These will help defend the skin from the UV rays of the sun and will help keep the skin youthful, supple, and beautiful.

After that, you can put on any bronzers, self-tanners, and do the tanning session. If you have already showered, you can leave the lotions, etc on the skin.

After several five or six hours, say you can then shower once again and wash off any excess chemical factors on the skin.

The downside to the present option is that you simply still have all those chemicals on the skin after the tanning session. It may be a mental thing, or a physical one, but many folks often feel the necessity to shower after the tanning session to wash up and refresh.

Shower After Tanning

shower after tanning

The tanning process takes hours after the tanning session to finish, perhaps up to 24-48 hours. Often differences in skin tone aren’t likely till hours after the tanning session. So yes, the skin changes long after the tanning session is fully complete. However will a shower shortly after a tanning session impact that process?

If you’re tanning during a tanning bed or outdoors, the UV light is activating the melanocytes within the epidermis the outermost layer of skin. Through the method of melanogenesis, these melanocytes then produce melanin and switch the skin into a darker shade. This process isn’t impacted in the least by showering or cleaning with soap and water, and you can’t wash it away.

A shower can cool the skin down more instantly, which could mildly modify the tanning process. Await your skin to chill naturally and you’ll maximize your session. Consequently, if you’re solely employing a tanning bed with no bronzers, accelerators, or anything like that, you’ll shower after your skin has cooled, perhaps 20 minutes after tanning.

Using Bronzers and Sunless Tanning Lotions

If you haven’t used a tan accelerator or bronzer, you’ll wait almost an hour to form confirm the melanin on your skin has absorbed sufficient UV rays to offer you tan. If you append an accelerator or a bronzer the time you shower changes. However, if the tanning lotion is an accelerator, no matter whether it’s a bronzer or not, it increases your tanning process. These different chemicals and agents need time to completely develop and counting on the sort of tanning lotion or bronzer you’re using the waiting time will change.

Most bronzers have the recommended time you ought to shower wrote on the label But commonly, for tanning lotions, your skin stays to darken 2-3 hours after your tanning session, and it doesn’t mean if you’re during a tanning bed or sunbathing, wait a minimum of 2-3 hours before taking a shower.

If you’re applying a bronzer and take a shower after application, you’ll see a brown color of the water running off your body. There’s no got to be alarmed, it’s just the bronzer pigment that’s coming off and it doesn’t contribute to darkening your tan. The brown water isn’t the bronzer itself but the natural oils and dyes that are within the DHA. Once the DHA within the bronzer comes into contact together with your skin, it needs a few hours like 2-3 hours to darken your skin, and therefore the full results after 24 hours. So after 2-3 hours washing off the bronzer and tanning lotion won’t affect the bronzer color on your skin.

Why Is The Shower Water Brown?

Taking a shower after a sprig tan could be one of the scariest moments of your life. you’ll notice that the shower water will start turning brown as you wash your body. Don’t panic once you see this though!

The brown water is produced by the bronzer of the tanning lotion you used. If you take a shower, the bronzer will wash. Bronzers are applied on your skin for the spray tanning process and not for the particular tan. It’s the chemicals within the lotion that make your skin tone darker.

If you take a shower, the bronzer will wash. This may cause you to note some brown water. Remember, you shouldn’t panic when this occurs because it’s normal.

When To Shower After Tanning Bed

tanning bed after shower

If you don’t apply any tanning accelerator or bronzer, you’ll shower 20 approximately minutes later a UV Tanning Bed session. If you’re using tanning lotions and bronzers, it’s best to attend 2-3 hours before showering.

As you lay within the tanning bed, you’re showing your skin to any pretty intense UV radiation. You’re also sweating tons, which is altering your skin. And most folks do use tanning lotions and bronzers when employing a tanning bed, because why not?

But the buildup of these chemicals can clog pores, produce acne, and harm the skin. The reason, it’s an excellent idea to shower once these chemicals have completed their process.

Additionally, the method of tanning and sweating will let the body lose moisture, resulting in dry, cracked skin. Remember, the tanning process is basically a controlled burn when it comes right down to it. So take care to moisturize and look after your skin to stay supple and delightful. (Read about Tanning Bed Rash)

How Long After Spray Tanning Can I Shower

When a spray tanning session, most of the tanning on your skin is completed by the bronzers. the first purpose of bronzers isn’t to trigger the creation of melanin but to be absorbed into your body to form your skin seems sun-kissed and tanned

While most tanning lotions use bronzers for customer satisfaction, they’ll not be present altogether tanning products. Bronzers include DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which places on your skin and oxidizes with the air.

The oxidation leads to your skin appearing much darker and tanned (note that this is often only temporary). Taking a shower instantly or shortly after implementing tanning lotion will cause the bronzer to scrub off. The result of this may be a poor and uneven tan.

The best choice would be to attend a minimum of 3-4 hours to release the bronzer to the line before taking a shower.

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How You Shower After Tanning

If you want to take a shower after tanning, there are proper steps to do that.

1)  Use Lukewarm Water

Through the tanning and burning process to change its color, taking a hot shower isn’t the best idea, and never use. It’s sufficient to cool your body temperature so that you don’t set any more undue strain on your skin or disturb your sweat pores more.

2)  Shower, Not A Bath

Don’t take long in the water, provide your skin a mild nice cleansing and get out of the water. It’s not advisable taking an extended shower or a shower because the more you expose your skin to water the more the browning agent comes off with the water.

3)  Avoid Soap

The soap includes chemicals that can irritate your already vulnerable skin. It breaks down the oil that your body normally produces and once it strips down the oil, your skin tends to become dry and vulnerable to irritation. So avoid using it everywhere in your body.

You may, however, use soap in places just like the armpits or groin area. But aside from that, avoid using harsh soap and with too-hot water. If you want to use soap, stick with the gentle fragrant variety.

4)  Never Rub Your Skin With Towel

Rubbing causes friction, and friction causes abrasion. Rubbing your skin with a towel will strip off your skin’s natural moisture. So must dry yourself after the shower.

5)  Don’t Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin at this point isn’t an honest idea. You should give your self-tanner set properly on your skin for a couple of days before you exfoliate. The exfoliation process will presumably remove a number of the tanning solutions which may offer you an uneven finish and cause streaking. It’s best to exfoliate each day before you apply your tanners.

6)  Moisturize After Showering

Your skin will want all the moisturizing it can get after your tanning session and shower. It’s mandatory because it reduces the chance of skin dryness or irritation. Select a moisturizer that includes hyaluronic acid.


If you’re using a tanning lotion or a self-tanner among a bronzer, it’s most useful to wait 2-3 hours after application or your tanning session before taking a shower. This will provide the self-tanner and bronzer time to work and completely set on the skin.

Should you are UV-tanning or sunbathing without any tanning accelerators or bronzers, it’s safe to shower shortly after you’re done with your tanning session. There could also be a benefit to expecting 20 minutes approximately for the skin to completely cool after a session, but that the benefit is mild, and therefore the natural melanin production within the skin won’t be impacted by showering.


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